Elan The Presidential - Luxury Residential in Sector 106:

The Elan Group has completed three projects in the Gurgaon area and is now working on five more. Following the completion of approximately 2 million sq. ft, this will be the company's first residential project. The new community offers various appealing houses with varying floor layouts and square footage. Elan Residential Dwarka Expressway is your best bet if you want to locate a residential apartment in Gurgaon that is a good fit for who you are as an individual. You can get whatever service you need to have a relaxing stay here. In this circumstance, the business is the most practical alternative for you and your loved ones.

The property's position, adjacent to the Dwarka highway, makes it easy for visitors across Gurgaon. In Gurgaon, along the Dwarka Expressway, you'll find the Elan Luxury Apartments, a vast private property spanning 30 acres. The New Project Elan residential sector 106 has several open areas, most of which have been manicured to look like an expensive plant nursery.

These nurseries are fantastic places to unwind and spend some peaceful time, especially for those interested in the natural world.

A well-equipped clubhouse that offers a variety of exciting indoor games and workouts to keep you active in your spare time. This building's tenants have access to various games, helping them to keep a physically fit, active, and diligent lifestyle.


About the Elan Group:

ELAN GROUP is in charge of the development of Elan 106 in Gurgaon.

Elan Group is a reputable and trustworthy real estate company rapidly expanding. Furthermore, it assists them in maintaining a professional manner throughout their task.

They have positioned themselves as a real estate industry benchmark. Furthermore, the endeavors covering the entire period have carved out a distinct market niche.

Furthermore, the Elan Group is in charge of some of the most notable residential and commercial projects in Gurgaon or Gurugram. Furthermore, this firm is on track to become the industry norm in the real estate market.

They have taken their organization to a new level of excellence, similarly, given the fierce rivalry in the real estate market in what has been formerly known as Gurgaon and is now known as Gurugram.

World-Class Amenities Are Available at the Elan Section 106 Property Gurgaon

● Sunken Garden Amphitheater
● Open 24 hours a day, this convenience shop has pool and snooker tables, a cafe lounge, and booths. Within a store or market, an electric vehicle charging station
● Indoor recreation area
● Miniature cinema
● Room with multiple functions
● In the spa, there is a tennis court.
● The gym at Lilly Pond
● The Building's Jogging Path
● The pool has a large center grass space where children can play. Jogging Track Pharmacy That Runs Completely Automatically Indoor 24 Hour Seating under a Gazebo
● The badminton and basketball courts are open to the public. Theater in the Open Air

Elan Upcoming Project In Sector 106 Gurgaon


Floor Size (SQFT) Price per sq. ft.

Elan 106 Gurgaon Provides a Wide Range of Special and Valuable Amenities

● The Premium Residences include a comprehensive amenity package.
● All of today's conveniences are just one minute away from the viewing platform, which gives stunning views of the cityscape.
● There is space for your morning exercise on the carefully created rooftop walking path.
● Excellent residential area and business district
● Watertight pipes in a modular kitchen
● Imported marble and a floor coated to avoid slipping
● The neighborhood is gated and secure.
● Gurugram, Sector 106, situated off the Dwarka Expressway. You'll find it on the highway.
● Beautiful swimming pool and floating sauna
● Near important educational and healthcare institutions
● Air conditioning and ventilation systems that use less energy

Key Features :-

Elan The Presidential disbanded, taking with them their foreign equipment. As a result, it comprises several distinct project-specific services.

Furthermore, the Elan Group offers several one-of-a-kind features at this hotel. It boasts the most cutting-edge amenities. It guarantees the buyer a successful transaction.

● The Elan Presidential residential development flooring is constructed of Italian marble.
● It also has a conventional kitchen as well as European-style wardrobes.
● Elan Presidential Sector 106 Gurgaon offers VRV and VRF air conditioning systems.
● Furthermore, it provides the option of two entrances, one of which is a quick staircase and the other is a lift.
● The Housing Project Elan The Presidential 106 Gurgaon has a strict safety policy. In addition, it has a fantastic sauna.
● Furthermore, the closed-circuit television security camera in the circle appears near three o'clock.
● Because of this characteristic, the basement has a vast parking area.

Location Advantages:-

Elan The Presidential Dwarka Expressway, a new residential development in Gurgaon's Area 106, would have direct access to the Dwarka-Gurugram Expressway via the metro corridor.

● It is a fifteen-minute drive from Delhi airport.
● A short distance from MG Road, Gurgaon's main roadway.
● Near several big commercial complexes
● One of the selling factors of Elan The Presidential Gurgaon is the proximity of public utilities such as HDFC Bank, an ATM belonging to the State Bank of India, a grocery store, an Indian gas station, and a retail mall.
● Several premium residential complexes, like Elan Presidential New Residential Project. Contact us right now to schedule a free tour of the property New Project Elan Sector 106, where you can find and feel nature's grandeur daily owing to unique architecture.

Elan 106 Gurgaon Provides the Very Best in Ultra-Luxurious Living and Property Options

We feel that Elan 106 Gurugram, also known as Elan New Project Sector 106, is the best place to spend money and live a better life. You will have a better perspective of the buildings that are a part of the excellent infrastructure in this metropolis.

Furthermore, The New Project Elan Sec 106 Gurgaon is one of Gurugram's most affluent constructions. The advantage they gain from the New Project Elan Sec 106 Gurgaon location is the motivating cause behind their decision. Additionally, the exclusive spot where you will make the most money.

● In addition, Elan Sector 106 is a project area located near many business and retail sectors.
● In addition, Area 106 contains the city's green belt.
● The subway is easily accessible from New Project Elan Sec 106 in Gurgaon. Residents of Elan 106 Sector 106 Gurgaon also have access to local entertainment venues.
● In addition to the subway route, it has linkages to various impoverished communities.
● A short car trip will take you to the IGI Airport.
● Elan Sector 106 is close to various commercial districts.
● In addition, the Gautam Hospital and the Chirag Hospital are in the neighborhood.


Q-What is the total built area for the Elan 106 residential project?

A- The Elan sector 106 apartments have been spread over a total of 30 acres of land. It has elite 3 and 4,5,6 BHK flats situated very near to Dwarka Expressway.

Q- What are the total units available in the Elan sector 106 Gurgaon?

A- Currently there are a total of 1800 units available in the Elan tower.

Q- Is the Elan 106 sector, Gurgaon project ready to be sold?

A- It is currently an upcoming project and the buying process is in progress.

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